What up

by brittanymoreno7


Today is my first day this week that my morning hasn’t been busy with something to do. So the kids and I are gonna stay in our PJ’s all day. 🙂 I’m pretty excited about it. Haven’t had one of these days in a long long time. I did go to McDonald’s to get me a cup of coffee which I’m drinking right now while the kids play in their rooms.

Monday was  a great day. We went over to my friend Angela’s house, who has a 2 year old daughter and the adults did some baking while the kids played. We attempted to make the Bacon Chocolate Chip Cookies I had made last week…but we forgot about the cookies in the oven and the bottoms burnt. But luckily Gabe likes burnt cookies so he was happy when I brought them home. Haha.

That night I went to CrossFit and Gabe’s cousin Manny and his wife Ashley (who is also like my best friend) came to CrossFit as well. It was their 2nd time and they loved it. They’re probably gonna be regulars now. The workout was ridiculous for Veteran’s Day but it was awesome. 🙂

Manny and Ashley came over for dinner that night and I made Thai Basil Beef Lettuce Wraps which is insanely amazing! I add just a touch of honey to this recipe though. So good. I also top it with my homemade peanut sauce! Maybe I’ll share the recipe. 🙂 But seriously this dish is amazing. It is soooo simple to make too but it is probably my favorite dish that I make.

Oh, and I signed up for classes at Pima for the Spring semester. Yikes. I’m nervous. I signed up for 3 classes, all online. I don’t know if I can do this. Since I had to take my assessments over and they told me I had to take intermediate and college algebra over again, my plan was to take intermediate algebra this semester. But, after talking to my brother-in-law, he asked me if it said “required” or “recommended” on the sheet they gave me with the results. And it said “recommended.” So he said that unless it said “required” you most likely don’t have to take the classes again. SO…I signed up for Statistics this semester instead. I was sure they were gonna say I have to take college algebra over to get into this class but they didn’t say anything!! YAY! So I don’t have to take those Math classes again after all. Hooray! I’m glad someone informed me on the system. 🙂

Tuesday I had Women’s Bible Study that morning. We went over the Parable of the Marriage of the King’s Son in Matthew 22:1-14. It was so good! Take some time to study it for yourself. Had lunch with Gabe afterwards. We went to Kenny D’s for lunch which was probably a bad idea but the food is sooooooooooooooooooooooooo good. Oh my gosh. It’s a Chicago sandwich type place. I got the Italian Beef sandwich and Gabe got the Chicken Parmesan sandwich which he didn’t want but the guy who took our order recommended it so we were nice and got it. Both sandwiches were amazing. They were so amazing! No words can describe how amazing they were…and how greasy they were…which is probably why they were so amazing but they were AMAZING!! I wish I could eat there everyday. Haha.

I then took the kids to Pima with me because my account was saying I was an out-of-state student which made my tuition for next semester close to $3000! For only 3 classes! Woah! Apparently they didn’t have my driver’s license in their system correctly. So they had to re-enter the information. Once they did my tuition dropped to $600. Woah. That is a huge difference! I applied for Financial aid so hopefully I won’t have to pay for any of that myself but still, I cannot believe how expensive it is to be an out-of-state student. I think it’s a little insane.

That night I went to CrossFit again. Manny and Ashley were there again. 🙂 It was awesome and I’m still so sore from it. I made my Grandma’s spaghetti sauce  for dinner with the changes she told me about and it was delish. I made it with ground italian sweet sausage and it was sooooooo good. I may even just have this for dinner tonight instead of cooking. 🙂

Wednesday morning we took Gabe to work and then I grabbed myself a coffee from McDonald’s. I totally forgot about running so I made myself and the kids a big breakfast with eggs and bacon. Then I got a text from Faith (my running partner) asking if I still wanted to go running. Of course! So we quickly got ready and made it there by 9. A little later than normal but at least we made it. We ran about 2 miles cause the kids needed to go potty and then we walked another lap while the kids ran ahead of us. Afterwards, Bruegger’s was giving away free coffee across from the park so Faith and I went and drank our free coffee outside while the kids ran around. I think they got a lot of exercise yesterday. 🙂

Then we met Gabe for lunch again since the school was on our way home AND we were passing it just as Gabe’s lunch was starting. I had leftover Chicken Parmesan sandwich which is just as amazing cold. Gabe had leftover pasta and sauce. The kids didn’t eat so when we came home I made some hot dogs and put on Spiderman and mommy got to take a shower while they ate and watched the movie. It is sooo nice to take an uninterrupted shower once in a while. 🙂

Last night we were playing at church, which is always awesome! I so enjoy serving the body of Christ in this way. It really is a blessing. 🙂 Then after church we went to Village Inn with my mom and we all got a salad and free pie!! I got Cherry. 🙂 I love pie!

Today is just gonna be a relaxing day with laundry, and movies. Tonight my mom is coming to CrossFit with me!! YAY! I know what the workout is gonna be and I think it’ll be the perfect workout for someone new to get an idea of what CrossFit is all about. Hope she doesn’t hate me afterwards. 🙂 I was gonna make that chicken dish I’ve been meaning to make for the last two weeks but…it’s a little intimidating for some reason so we’re probably just gonna stick with the leftover pasta sauce. At least I haven’t defrosted the chicken yet. 🙂

Oh, and the screen on my phone decided to turn pink, then blue and now black so I cannot see anything on my phone. I’m getting a new phone in the mail tomorrow so if you have to get a hold of me it’s probably best through Facebook. 🙂

I’ll try and get a recipe up today. Maybe the homemade peanut sauce?