Recap and Weekly Schedule

by brittanymoreno7

Right now, my belly is full, my kids are sleeping, football is on in the background, it’s chilly outside, and I’m in my bed under a blanket. I love Sunday afternoons. It’s the perfect day for a long nap which I’ll probably take here in a minute. 🙂

So, just wanted to recap my week as I haven’t written in a few days. I really wanted to, but I started reading the Hunger Games (yes, late in the game) and it is soooo good. I cannot put it down, so I have chosen to read over write. But I don’t feel bad about it one bit.

I ran Wednesday and Friday about 2.5 miles both times. Saturday was freezing outside so instead of running, we went to the gym and took a Boxing class which was fun! I ended up not going to CrossFit on Thursday night because we were gonna have a busy weekend so we decided to take Thursday and have a family night which included a trip to Bookmans, and Beyond Bread to get some bread to take home and have with chicken soup my grandma made. 🙂 So, I didn’t have to cook on Thursday and that was awesome. Then we popped some popcorn, filled some bowls with marshmallows and watched Spiderman 2. I’m so glad we decided to do that.

I visited my grandma on Thursday morning which was fun and delicious (she always makes amazing food), but she told me that I have totally been forgetting an ingredient in her spaghetti sauce. So I have fixed the error and in case you are wondering it is a 12oz can of tomato paste. Either she never told me or I totally overlooked it on the piece of paper she wrote the recipe on. So now I am going to make the sauce again this week and see how it turns out. She even gave me some ground meat to use. Some ground pork sausage and ground beef. She said the mixture of the meat is awesome. 🙂

Well, every Sunday when we play worship at our church (mainly when we’re at the east campus), we have what we like to call “Potluck Sunday.” Everyone brings a dish to share and we pig out in between services. This Sunday I decided to make these grain-free Caramel Apple Doughnuts. They are amazing! Probably my favorite doughnut recipe.  I tried these Pumpkin Spice Doughnuts a few weeks ago and they are pretty tasty as well. 🙂

This week is gonna be another jam packed week! I went grocery shopping today, so I won’t have to go with miserable kids tomorrow! YAY!

8:30am: 2-3 mile run??
9:30am: Baking day at Angela’s house :))
5pm: CrossFit
Dinner: Thai Basil Beef Lettuce Wraps

9am: Women’s Bible Study
5pm: CrossFit
Dinner: Olive, Garlic and Lemon Chicken (since I never made this last week)

8:30am: 2-3 mile run
4pm: Worship practice for church
6pm: Church
Dinner: Leftovers

5pm: CrossFit
Dinner: Grandma’s Spaghetti sauce over Spaghetti Squash

8:30am 2-3 mile run
Dinner: Leftovers/Out to eat/Gabe cook

8:30am Hike up Tumamoc Hill

5:30am Gabe leaves out of town for 3 days 😦


Well, it’s almost Thanksgiving! Can’t wait. Hope you guys have a great week!!