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Month: October, 2012

Children Are a Gift

It is so wonderful when you turn the TV off and watch your kids imagination soar! I’ve been realizing lately how often the TV is on in our house and it is pretty much an all day thing. Even when we weren’t really watching it, it was just on in the back round for no good reason. I think it made things easy because I could get stuff done around the house while they sat and watched a whole Sesame Street or if I’m being totally honest I was happy to get a good hour of computer time checking Facebook and reading blogs. Β For the last couple weeks I decided to keep it off for the most part of the day and it has been such a blessing. I have been loving to watch as my kids read their books, play the piano, play with their baby dolls and cars, sing, dance. I cannot get enough of it! I think today was exceptionally cute and I thought I would just encourage you moms to turn off the TV. We did watch Sleeping Beauty before nap time today so I don’t think all TV is bad but it should be limited.Β “Children are a gift from the Lord; they are a reward from Him.” Psalm 127:3

Yesterday was a fun filled day. In the morning we went to the Women’s Bible Study and it was awesome. A wonderful time of refreshment. One of the questions we discussed really challenged me; Is there something you have been holding on to that the Holy Spirit is urging you to give? I think for me it is my time. Where I am spending my time, how I am spending my time. Yes, I am a busy mom and it would seem to people from the outside that I am doing what I am suppose to be doing and there isn’t much more I could do, but I think I need to be more about Jesus in everything I am doing. My kids are my disciples right now and I want to share more of Jesus with them. I need to be studying His word during their nap times rather than catching up on the TV shows that I’ve missed. I need to be praying more and seeking Him. I need to be serving my friends and family, seeing if there is anything I can bring them, anything I can offer them. I want to reflect Christ and the first place to start is replacing what I spend my time on and focus on Jesus. Oh, I just love being encouraged through the women in our study group. πŸ™‚ Thank you sister for being an awesome group leader. πŸ™‚

After study, my sister took the kids while I headed to Pima to take my college assessments. After talking to someone they informed me I only needed to take the Math assessment which I was so excited about! So I studied real quick then took the test. I was really expecting a more grueling test but it wasn’t too bad. But I do think it is rigged because it only rook me 15 minutes to take the test, I was pretty confident on all 10 questions they gave me (seriously, only 10 questions to determine how smart I am in math? Ridiculous!), and apparently after getting the results, I have to take intermediate and college algebra over again. Ridiculous! But whatever. I love Math so I’m just gonna add the class on to my workload that I’ve already been preparing for and hope that it’ll be like nothing and maybe a class I’ll enjoy. πŸ™‚ I’m kinda excited to be starting school in January.

This picture was from last night’s CrossFit class. πŸ™‚ I basically just put my hair in a side pony tail. Everyone else looked great. HAHA. But the WOD was awesome. There were 2 groups. An alive group and a zombie group. The Zombie group started 3 minutes after the alive group and the goal was for a Zombie to finish the WOD before at least one alive person. If an alive person got beat by a Zombie they had to do 25 burpees at the end of the workout. If the a Zombie didn’t beat an alive person they had to do 25 burpess at the end. I was a Zombie and passed up 3 people! Whoop whoop! So no burpees for me. It was awesome cause I really pushed myself. Fun fun.

The plan for last nights dinner was to make Turkey Burgers but instead we went to the newly opened Freddy’s for a double Steakburger without a bun. Wow, that place is good. πŸ™‚ The burgers were fabulous. Probably one of the best I’ve had. We then went back to the gym for the bicycle drawing to see if we were gonna win the bike. But no dice. I was soo hoping to get it for Gabe since he now rides his bike to work and back every day but it didn’t happen. Oh well. Next time.

Tonight we’re going to church where there is a Fall Festival going on. I’m probably gonna put Evy in her Jasmine outfit. πŸ™‚ She looks so beautiful in it. Hopefully I’ll get pictures.


Grandma’s Spaghetti Sauce Recipe

Whew! Yesterday wore me out!! I started the day with a run and finished my day with CrossFit. Our goal for yesterday’s run was 3 miles, but around mile 2 I had to call it quits because I was exhausted. I’m starting this running thing from scratch so 2 miles for me is still good, but I guess I was just a little too ambitious. After yesterday’s run though, it wore me out for the rest of the day. I winded up taking like a 15 minute nap yesterday and when I woke up I totally thought there was no way I was gonna make it to CrossFit that night. I was soooo worn out! But Gabe came home and talked me into going to the gym just to tan and maybe sit on the massage beds and lift a few weights with him. But once I got to the gym, I felt a little more energized and decided to take the CrossFit class.

The workout for last night included a cash-in that was a 10 minute EMOM (every minute on the minute) of 3 thrusters. Then the WOD (workout of the day) included 5 rounds of 10 wall balls and 15 ring rows. I completed this workout in 10:45. Yes, I am slow. And our cash-out was 5 rounds of resistance sprints. Okay, this workout didn’t look very hard when I saw it on the board but man! It kicked my butt! Those ring rows are tough business and thrusters are justΒ ridiculous. So yeah, I was beat at the end of night. But I slept like a baby! :))

Afterwards, we came home to homemade spaghetti sauce and served over spaghetti squash. I made the sauce from my grandma’s recipe. But of course it doesn’t quite taste like my grandma’s sauce but it was still pretty good anyway. I wanted to share the recipe with you but I do not have exact measurements. You should have seen the paper she wrote the recipe down on. It is pretty much incomprehensible. HAHA. And there are no measurements. It’s a little of this and a little of that. So, I’ll share the basic steps and you guys can play around with it to your taste buds. It is a really good sauce and super duper easy and feeds LOTS of people!! My grandma had 9 children so she made everything in bulk. πŸ™‚


1 large 28oz can of crushed tomatoes

1 large 28oz can of tomato puree

1 15oz can of tomato sauce

1 12oz can of tomato paste

2lbs of ground meat (I’ve used beef, pork and turkey. They are all good)

1/2 onion, diced





Garlic powder

Crushed red pepper


Fresh Basil (optional)


Saute the onions in a little olive oil in a large pot over medium heat Once they become translucent add the ground meet and brown it. Then add all the canned tomatoes. Next add all the spices. Now, my grandma adds a serious amount of sugar and garlic powder. I’m talking like 5 tablespoons of sugar and at least 3 tablespoons of garlic. I never get the sauce just like hers and I still think I’m not adding enough sugar and garlic. But my suggestion is to add the sugar 1 tablespoon at a time til it tastes good to you. There is gonna be a lot of sauce so don’t skimp on the spices. I always under-spice at first but this sauce needs lots of spices. And DO NOT skip the sugar! It is a must!

The directions are a little vague but you can get the basic idea and make it your own. πŸ™‚

Well, I am off to CrossFit again tonight. We are suppose to dress up and if we don’t, we’re not allowed to take the class. I think I’m gonna go as an 80’s workout chick. HAHA. Just gonna put my hair in a side pony tail and wear scrunchy socks. HAHA. Easy enough.

Welp, c-ya later.

Weekly Schedule



“For I know the plans I have for you,” says the Lord. “They are plans for good and not for disaster, to give you a future and a hope.” Jeremiah 29:11

We have a pretty busy schedule. I like it that way. It keeps us moving doing things we love. I am a very scheduled person though. I have to have routine otherwise I become overwhelmed and my world falls apart. I tend to get stressed over the littlest things; like loosing one of the kids sippy cups. I loose a sippy cup and the day cannot go on. I fret over it. The thought of it missing is always in the back of my mind. When we’re home I frantically search through toy boxes, behind couches, in laundry baskets. It is actually pretty ridiculous the more I think about it. But in my mind, without that sippy cup, my whole schedule is messed up. My kids thrive on a schedule and if they can’t have their milk at the same time each day with their favorite sippy cup, their world falls apart too. I guess my obsessive behavior has transferred to my kids. Yikes. But they love knowing what is coming next. Once Elmo’s world is over, its nap time. After bath time, we read our Bibles and go to bed. They’re only 1 and 2 but they know and can expect what is coming and it makes them feel secure. I guess it helps me to feel secure as well. Unlike my husband who hates schedules. He hates making plans in advance. He just wants to see how he feels that day to decide what he wants to do. That freaks me out!

So Sunday night comes and I have to plan my week out which includes our schedule along with meal plans. I have to write it down and get it out of my head and neatly organize it on a piece of paper. So, I thought I would just share my weekly schedule here instead. πŸ™‚

Plan for this week
830am 3 mile run with Faith
10am Grocery shop
1-4pm Bookkeeping while mom watches kids
5pm CrossFit
Dinner: Leftover spaghetti sauce over spaghetti squash

9am Women’s Bible Study
12pm Take college assessments at Pima
5pm CrossFit
8pm Bike drawing at gym (must be present to win)
Dinner: Turkey Burgers

830am 3 mile run with Faith
6pm Church and Fall Festival
Dinner: Eat at festival

5pm CrossFit
Dinner: Albondigas Soup

830am 3 mile run with Faith
Dinner: Out to eat, or Gabe cook

So the beginning of my week looks a little crazy especially the grocery shopping with 2 kids part. That is the worst. They’re so horrible in the grocery store! But it’s gotta be done. I’ve also got to study for my assessment test coming up on Tuesday. Because I haven’t been to school in 4 years, they’re making me take all the math, writing and reading assessments over again. Yuck. I’ve been studying math these last few weeks so I won’t have to take any classes over that I’ve already taken, but I’m not so sure it’ll happen. 😦 We shall soon see.

So…I’m terrible at ending things. I never know how to end papers for a writing assignment, or end a conversation. It always becomes awkward. So, I guess that is all folks. Until next time…

So cheesy. πŸ™‚

Hello world!


Hola! Welcome to my blog! I’m not really sure what I am doing as I am definitely not a writer but I thought I would give this a try. I am a wife and mom to two of the greatest kids ever. They were born 11 months apart, so life is crazy! I recently lost 25lbs by instilling healthier eating habits and exercising (CrossFit and running). As I’ve been eating healthier I’ve really started to like cooking. If you ask anyone that knows me, you will find out that not even 6 months ago I despised cooking. The majority of our meals were takeout or fast food. So, me, cooking, is a pretty big deal. I will be going back to school in January to pursue a degree in Nutritional Sciences to become a Registered Dietitian, so life is just gonna get just a bit crazier, but I’m excited for where the Lord is taking me. I love Jesus and want everything I do to please and glorify Him. That is me in a nutshell.

My plan for this blog is to share my progress through school, to share recipes, to share Jesus, to share my life. I am not a very good writer and have a hard time expressing myself in words but I want to try. I don’t expect anyone to read this but if you do, say hi. πŸ™‚